My dad is dating after my mom died

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When you are unhappy with your parent's new love interest, you may find yourself acting in unpleasant ways in an attempt to undermine the relationship.Ask yourself: If your parent is happy, try to let go of your uneasiness and disapproval.10 Helpful Adjustments I've seen this go both ways.It's always better when the parent makes it clear with the new partner that they are together and valued, but financially they stay separate until the children are grown and out of college and starting to establish themselves on their new path towards independence.After my mother died quite young, my father, who lived into his 90s, married two other women.

where the children are asked to adjust to a new reality and make do with less for college, or what have you, while the new partner loses all self respect draining valuable funds away from investing in the children's future because the new partner isn't invested in being financially independent as much as possible.

I feel bad for the new spouses who are financially strained in some way, who are seeking finanical security in the new relationship as it puts them at odds with the children from the previous marriage.

Getting your money straight and keeping it separate reduces complications and allows people to grow closer naturally and get to know each other and build trust slowly over time and to understand that taking care of each other financially isn't an obligation based on a new marriage certificate, but once trust is created, and grows and happens voluntarily and because one is moved to share and help.

One might ex­pect adult children to be thrilled when their parents find happiness in remarriage or have someone special in their lives after a divorce or the death of a spouse.

But it's seldom that simple and the changes in your relationship with your parent can be unnerving.

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